Saturday, September 10, 2011

of school and other things...

School has started here. This semester I'm taking 23 credit hours. I'm not a big fan of having all of them but oh well. Like last year, I auditioned and made it into the show choir. I love being in show choir. Even though I really didnt like it in high school, I like it better. In college it is, less punctual. Meaning we dont compete at any competions. Recently, I was able to buy my own laptop. It is a Dell and blue. Blue is my favorite color. Also, with having 23 credit hours, I work about 4 days during the week. That doesnt bother me, at least I'm making some money.

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Year So Far....

So, it has been forever since I've written a blog!!!!! This blog will be to catch you up with me. I will write something about each month (January till now).


    I finished up my Christmas break the first two weeks. The day before I went back to school, I went to Council Bluffs with my boyfriend, his dad, and his cousin. We went to see a monster truck show. I know what you all are thinking, Donna went to a monster truck show. Yes, I did. Kyle, my boyfriend, won tickets form a radio station in town. We went down and it was cold and snowy. On the way home it was snowing and the visibilty was terrible!!! Luckly, Kyle's dad was good at driving in it. The next day we were suppose to start school but the snow had accumaleted fast and we didnt have school. YEAH!!  I didnt have any of my school stuff ready. That day we scooped the side walks. The night before, Kyle had brought me home and blowed the snow that had accumaleted so that there wouldn't be much the next day. Our youth minister came over to see if we needed him to blow the snow because he promised Patrick that while he was gone that he would do that if we need him to. (Patrick was still in Missouri) The rest of the month was school.


    This month we started by going to Missouri to go see Patrick graduate from his training and to bring him home. (Ft. Leonard Wood) It was along drive down. We ran into some highways that weren't cleaned off. So it was interesting going through there. The graduation was cool. After he was done we loaded up the van and headed to Springfield. When we got to Springfield, we went to the World's largest Bass Pro shop. By the time we got there snow had started to fall and people in Missouri dont know how to drive in snow. We walked around Bass Pro for awhile, I got a shirt and a hat. Then we went and got some bbq and took it to go. It took us a long time to leave Springfield becuase the people sucked at driving in snow. We made our way to Clinton, where we stayed for the night. The next day we went to Kansas City to visit my dad's side of the family. We all met at my aunt's house then went over to a Golden Corral to eat. After we ate, my dad stayed because his truck was in Kansas City. The rest of us went all the way to Lincoln and stayed the night. That night we at at Fazolis! I love that place. The next day we went to church at Capital City (where Michael, Mark and their families go). We spent the morning with them and played with the kids. We went to lunch with them  and then left for home.

Emmalee and Isabelle
Patrick just graduated.

I have a problem, I cant remember what happend in March! Sorry :( & no pictutres because I cant remember if they were taken then.


Thee AWESOME Altos :)

   At the end of this month, I went out on tour with the show choir. We would leave before the sun came up and came home around supper time. I love show choir. Northeast's show choir is better than being in the high school one. We went out for 5 days of tour. Our show was around 45 minutes long. I loved the songs we sang but some of the boys I had to dance with, I really didnt like but oh well. Some songs we sang were: The Way You Make Me Feel, Celebration, James Bond Theme, Uptight, Chain of Fools, Jai Ho, Rhythm of the Night, Haven't Met You Yet, L.O.V.E, Hey Baby, and many more. We went to 3 states: Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri. On our last night out we were over by Kearney and so we ate at Red Lobster. I don't like seafood or fish so I got a really good chicken dish. I love (most of ) the people that were in show choir. My director is super amazing and the acompianist is also super amazing!! We were like one big family. :) After tour was over, I only had 1 week to catch up with stuff before finals.


Rebecca, me and Cecely

   The second week of May was my last week of school(finals). I only 1 final, my math class. I was gonna have an Ear Training and Sight Singing final but my teacher is the acommpianist of the show choir and figured it wouldn't be right to give a final beings we were gone for 2 weeks. YEAH!!  I would have failed it anyways because my ears don't like being trained. School ended and I was happy. I went with my boyfriend's family to Crete, NE, to see his sister graduate from Doane College. It was kind of a chilly day and the ceremony was outside. You know Nebraska's weather, experiencing more than 1 season in a day. After the graduation the sun decided to come out and it was nice out. We also had to move her out of her dorm and back to Norfolk. This past week I went to Sioux City with 2 of my girlfriends for a shopping trip. We ate at Huu Hot, yummy!!! I bought some things but not alot. At Old Navy, I got a one piece swim suit that is blue and halter. I had been looking for a plain one and it was even 40% off!! :) I love Old Navy!!! The day was fun and  I got a few cute things to wear on Sunday's. 

So, I'm caught up for the most part except for March!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog. So I'll catch you up with what has happened since I last posted.

 End of July:
    The last week in July I went with my youth group to CIY in Missouri. This was my last year to go as a student. It was a very good week. This year the conference was at a different place then has been in years past. It was a Windemere Conference Center. The place was huge!! It is centered around a lake. We had to walk at least one mile to eat at the cafeteria and a mile back to our dorms. Luckly the main building that had all the main sessions in was right next to our dorms. In our rooms there were 4 bunk bed; 7girls and 1 adult sponsor. I loved my room mates. :) Over all the week was AMAZING!! I wish I could keep going back every year.

My Lovely Roomies!!

When I got back from CIY, I crashed. We had gotten up at 3 in the morning to leave at 4 and be back at home by lunch. So, I crashed and was out. Over that week, I got two things from Northeast ( the college I'm going to). One was a bill and the other was a post card saying that I had got two grants and that I needed to accept them. So my final cost for my first semester at school was under $250!!! This was a total releaf for me because I wasnt sure how I was gonna pay for school.

    My dear boyfriend moved back home the first week. It has been nice having him home. He moved back because his schooling in North Carolina wasnt what it seemed it would be. So it hs been nice having him home. On the 16th I started college. I like that I dont have to be at school the whole day. My major is music education. I was wanting to emphaise on strings beings I play the cello but now I am kind of thinking about elementary music now. Oh! the college Im going to is Northeast Community College in Norfolk. I have a couple music classes, an english class, and a math class. I am also taking a piano lessons for the first time. I have always wanted to learn but never have.

I hope to keep this blog posted more than I have.

Donna Jean

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Summer So Far...

This summer so far I have been on 2 trips. The first was at the end of May and I went to Minneapolis/ St. Paul with the orchestra. My second trip was this past weekend. I went with my boyfriend's parents, aunt, and cousins to Newton, Iowa, to see him. He has been helping out an Arca Series team in North Carolina and he was going to be with them in Iowa for a race. So, I went and saw him for the first time in 6 months!! It only took us about 4 1/2 hours because his dad has bad road rage and was going 5 above speed limit on the interstate, lol!!

Here are a few pictures...

All of us except for my boyfriend went to Pella, Iowa, Friday to kill time until we got to go pick him up. He was with the team because they were doing race stuff. Pella is a Dutch town and this is a wind mill.

Then we went to Red Rock. Which is a big lake that has a dam that enters into a river. The water in the lake was very high so they were letting water out. It was cool :)

This is a look out tower that you can walk up and see Red Rock Lake.

The view from the tower :)

My favorite picture of all time!! He is wearing my sunglasses and Im wearing his. :)

I thought I had my camera with me at the Arca race but I acciedently left it in the van. So, I couldn't get any of the race. :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Past 4 Days...

Thursday night/early Friday morning my car was involved in a hit and run. I was not in my car at the time because I was slepping. Some drunk or some very aware person hit the back end of my car smashing my bumper. :(


:( Whoever hit it slammened into my rear end and messed up my trunk. I tried starting my car but it doesnt turn over. There is and inertia button in my trunk that shuts off the fuel pump in an accidnet. So we cant get into my trunk to push the button and now Im left driving the pick up. I hope the cops find the person who did this so they can buy me a car!!!

For Sunday supper we made chicken fajitas!!!!!

The Shells

The chicken...

Green Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Onions, and Chicken....

Yum :) Cheese, Sour Cream, and Dorthy Lynch!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 18th Birthday!!

Wow!! I'm 18 today!!! I do feel a little bit older, lol! The last 18 years of my life have been full of excitement, sadness, happiness, and other feelings. I can't believe that I'm 'old' and out of high school!!!
This is in Minneapolils at the Hard Rock Cafe. I ate there on my orchestra trip. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation Pics

I just got my diploma.

My parents and I.