Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog. So I'll catch you up with what has happened since I last posted.

 End of July:
    The last week in July I went with my youth group to CIY in Missouri. This was my last year to go as a student. It was a very good week. This year the conference was at a different place then has been in years past. It was a Windemere Conference Center. The place was huge!! It is centered around a lake. We had to walk at least one mile to eat at the cafeteria and a mile back to our dorms. Luckly the main building that had all the main sessions in was right next to our dorms. In our rooms there were 4 bunk bed; 7girls and 1 adult sponsor. I loved my room mates. :) Over all the week was AMAZING!! I wish I could keep going back every year.

My Lovely Roomies!!

When I got back from CIY, I crashed. We had gotten up at 3 in the morning to leave at 4 and be back at home by lunch. So, I crashed and was out. Over that week, I got two things from Northeast ( the college I'm going to). One was a bill and the other was a post card saying that I had got two grants and that I needed to accept them. So my final cost for my first semester at school was under $250!!! This was a total releaf for me because I wasnt sure how I was gonna pay for school.

    My dear boyfriend moved back home the first week. It has been nice having him home. He moved back because his schooling in North Carolina wasnt what it seemed it would be. So it hs been nice having him home. On the 16th I started college. I like that I dont have to be at school the whole day. My major is music education. I was wanting to emphaise on strings beings I play the cello but now I am kind of thinking about elementary music now. Oh! the college Im going to is Northeast Community College in Norfolk. I have a couple music classes, an english class, and a math class. I am also taking a piano lessons for the first time. I have always wanted to learn but never have.

I hope to keep this blog posted more than I have.

Donna Jean