Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation Pics

I just got my diploma.

My parents and I.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


WOW!! So Im an offical graduate of Norfolk High School. I cant believe how fast it came even though I wanted the day to come, I'm sad that it is all over with. The ceremony even went fast. I'll just tell all about it.

Sunday morning I woke up and got ready for church. I wore the dress I wore to prom and blue flip flops. I grabbed my graduation gown and cap to take with us because we wouldn't be coming home till later. We went to church and after church we went and ate at Godfather's. It was good pizza. I had to be at Memorial Field by 1:30 so that I could get in my spot. We got over to the field by 12:30 so that my family could get a good place to sit and to save spots because my grandparents were gonna be there and my cousin Michael was coming up from Lincoln. I had a little time on my hands so I called my boyfriend who wished that he was there but he couldn't be because he wasn't able to come home from North Carolina. We talked for awhile. It came to the time when I needed to be in my spot so I put some sunscreen on and put my gown on and walked over to where I needed to be. My classmates and I stood around beeming with excitement. I was trying not to cry because it was sad that this was the last time my whole class was gonna be together. My row and seat was, row 6 seat 12. :P We walked onto the field and the band played Pomp and Circomstance. Then the band played the national anthem. My principal talked for a bit then the superintendent and then finally the top 3 kids in my class talked. Their speeches were good and meaningful. I actually paid attention to them. Then next came the time when we got out 'diplomas'. We only got the cover to them because if any of us did anything inappropriate then we wouldn't get our diploma. Names were being called and it didn't take very long because before I knew it my row was standing up getting ready to have our name called. Then suddenly I was the next in line and Mr. Mortan, the principal, said my name, Donna Jean Noble and I shook a few hands and grabbed my fake diploma. After I got it my eyes got all teary. I got my carnation and walked back to my seat. I had finally graduated!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!! I can't believe that it is over. After the ceremony, I went and got my camera to take pictures with my friends. I got a few pictures and then waited for the parking lot to clear out. I got a picture of me and my parents to put in a frame to keep. Then my family, grandparents, and cousin went to Village Inn to eat.

I still can't believe that I have graduated from high school!!!