Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Senior Banquet

Tonight was the annual Senior Banquet for youth group. There was only a group of 8 of us there. I haven't really talked to many of my friends from youth group lately. I have kind of grown apart from them because of our different interests and friends. My last few years in high school have been spent with some underclassmen. I dont doubt still being close to them because people grow apart. The one thing we all have in common still is that we all love Jesus Christ and that will never seperate us. It's sad getting old but everyone has to some time, I guess. I have 7 days left of school!!!! Graduation is just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lately I have been trying to read a book every 3 weeks depending on what I have going on.
The last book I read was Eli the Good by Silas House. It was a good book. The book was about a little 10 year old boy and his summer. This book has been one of my favorites throughout this year. I have read many more books but I cant quite remember all the titles.
The book that Im currently reading is called The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble. I know what you may be thinking but I am not related to this lady. She is from England not Missouri. I just started this book and it is good so far.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well I know I haven't blogged in a while but I've been sort of busy and lazy. Mostly lazy.
My days at Norfolk High School are winding down and I have mixed emotions of not being there anymore. I'm excited to finally graduate and I'm also kinda sad because that means I'm growing up (lol). I have a total of 10 full school days left starting Monday, April 26th. I will be graduating with my classmates on May 16th. This is soo exciting but scary at the same time.

This past week I have worked 2 nights and both those times I had to work drive thru for my whole shift. It completly sucked because we were busy. The first night wasnt as busy as the second night because the second night there was a big concert at the Johnny Carson. After that concert everybody decided they wanted to come visit me :) lol Well it wasnt a good visit.

Then tomorrow is district music contest at school. My mom is waking me up at 5 so she can curl my hair. I'm just wanting it to be over with so I can relax.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I am Thankful For

1. The beautiful weather outside.

2. The trees are starting to bud and even blossom :)

3. Green grass.

4. I have 18 days left of high school!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today I went to the mall and bought a pair of purple Converse High Tops!!! The place where I bought them from didnt have them in yellow so I settled on puple and I think they will match ok with my dress :) Plus I got them on sale!! Both my dress and my shoes :)
This is a better picture of my dress :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

It has been awhile

I know it has been awhile since my last blog. Lots has happend since then.
Last weekend was Easter. So, my family and I went down to Missouri to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. We left Friday afternoon, after my brother got off work. I was soo lucky, I got to drive all the way to Fremont. I haven't really drove on the highway before, just small trips from Norfolk to Staton. After we made it to Fremont, Patrick took over the driving and I sat in the backseat and watched the movie Marie Antoninette. I liked that movie, it was interesting. That night we ate at a Bob Evan's in St. Jo, MO. It was good food. I had a pulled pork bbq sandwich and we ordered some very good desert. They were apple pie fries with carmel sauce, soo good!!! We then went to Excelsior Springs, which was where our hotel was. The family stayed at The Elms hotel. It is an old hotel but it is huge!!! The next day we ate breakfast with my Aunt Barb at thee best place EVER, a Waffle House. I love that place. I had a very yummy and sweet chocolate chip waffle with a side of hashbrowns. That meal was soo yummy :) From there we stopped at a Walmart then headed to go visit my dad's uncle and his wife. After that we went over to my grandparents. My grandma gave us kids these nice blankets. We had our Easter supper there in that town (Lawson). There we had it at a community room so that my grandparents would'nt have to travel far. After we had packed up the room and cleaned it. From there we all (except my grandparents) headed out to my Aunt Debbie's house. My cousin, her boyfriend, and her friend taught my aunts some college drinking games. Im not a fan of alcohol so I ended up talking to my boyfriend for most of the time that night. The weekend ended with my family going to chuch Easter morning at my grandparent's church in Rayville. It was a very nice weekend.The weather was beatiful and it was just nice to get out of Nebraska.:) On the way back to Norfolk, we stopped in Omaha at a Sear's and I got my prom dress, finally.
This isnt the best picture because I dont know how to take pictures and send them from my phone. But you can check out my facebook page. :) Im thinking about getting a pair of yellow coverse high tops to wear with it. No one said I had to wear heels or anything to that sort :)