Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two days off from school :)

Thank you Panther Boys Basketball for being number 1 in our class!!! Im really enjoying the day off today.
Here is my day so far....

Woke up around 7:30
Called Kyle to make sure he was already up, so that he can go talk to a guy about a job.
Got a text from my mom saying that I need to pick Paige up because the school thinks she has pink eye :(
Picked Paige up.
Went to Mc Donalds and got breakfast: sausage biscut and a coke for Paige, a bacan egg and cheese bagel with a coke AND a versy tasty mocah frappe.
Come home and ate.
Took a shower.
Called Lou's about a job.
Now I'm just being a bum till noon so that I can call Lou's again to see if they have read my app.


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